Interactive Drawing Haggadah


This is the first ever one of a kind interactive drawing Haggadah. Download this complete Haggadah by artist Deb Putnoi. There are over 60 pages of artwork and drawing prompts that relate to each section of the Seder for ALL AGES. Drawing helps us connect in a deeper way to the story and our senses throughout the seder. You do not need to be able to draw or be an artist to take part in this one of a kind seder experience. You can also use different sections or ideas from this Haggadah to augment your own Haggadah and seder rituals. Kids and adults have expressed a powerful seder experience when they did the drawing exercises within the context of the seder and during the week of Passover. Drawing helps you to slow down and connect with the ideas and sensory experiences of the seder experience.